5 Langkah Memukau Pasangan Saat Kencan

Girls, sudah siap untuk diajak kencan? Pastikan tampilan kamu sempurna dengan kulit wajah yang sehat dan memancarkan natural glow. Rangkaian perawatan DIY ini bisa kamu lakukan untuk tampil memukau pasangan saat nge-date nanti!

1) Hilangkan komedo

Remove BLACKHEADS instantly! 💕 Tag a friend⏬ _________________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT – SHMANGOPIE _________________________________________ This is an old trick that works amazing! I've tried so many DIY remedies for blackheads but this is the easiest and the most effective one for me. Try it out!! …….. ◾ Mint Toothpaste ◾ Salt or Baking Soda …….. Mix these two ingredients and apply a thick layer over your nose and any other areas with blackheads. Leave it on for as long as possible (i left mine on for around 45mins). Scrub gently with a toothbrush for about a minute and wash it off. Repeat once a week. …….. MINT TOOTHPASTE will clean bacteria in your pores and help remove the blackheads. SALT disinfects and exfoliates the skin. ….. Disclaimer – Skin may appear red in colour, but this is temporary. Always perform a test patch on a small area of the skin before proceeding. Also please keep in mind that everyone's body, skin and health are different so results may vary. ________________________________________ Song – Sia/Cheap Thrills 💜 ____________________________________________ #wakeupandmakeup #allmodernmakeup #eyeblogbeauty @eyeblogbeauty @wAkeupandmakeup #makeup #hudabeauty #makeupclips #makeupfanatic1#fakeuproom #laurag_143 #makeupslaves @laurag_143 #slave2beauty @1minutemakeup #stylevideo @style.video #1minutemakeup @hairmakeupdiary @maryhadalittleglam #talkthatmakeup #makeupvideos #make4glam #glamvids #makeuptutorialsx0x @make4glam_ #hypnaughtymakeup #hypnaughtypower #maquiagembrasill #brian_champagne #fakeupfix @peachyqueenblog #peachyqueenblog @brian_champagne #srilankan #hairmakeupdiary #srilanka @allmodernmakeup

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Tentunya kamu ingin kulit wajah yang bersih dan sehat sebelum menggunakan make up. Makanya, tidak ada salahnya untuk memulai merawat kulit wajahmu dengan membersihkan komedo yang menumpuk di hidung. Bahan-bahan ini mudah didapat, dan pasti kamu sudah punya di rumah.

2) Kulit kencang dan pori-pori mengecil

😮😶2 INGREDIENTS to SHRINK/TIGHTEN PORES and SKIN! 😮😶 ⛄️DIY BUBBLE FOAM MASK!! Servin some Mrs. Doubtfire realness 😂Ive seen this bubble mask that foams after you apply it onto the skin so I thought I would DIY it… the diy version starts as a foam (because its all natural) but you can feel the bubbles working on your skin.. so SHRINK LARGE PORES and GET HYDRATED, SOFT, SUPER TIGHT skin!! (you know that tight feeling facelift you get when you wear a super tight high ponytail.. thats what this feels like. natural botox lol) 😛DISCLAIMER: try not to eat it! its SO YUMMY!!! 😊I love me some skincare that's good enough to eat! All my bakers out there know whats up!🍰 (yes I know this is a merengue. I love food) 🍦ALL YOU NEED: 🥚EGG WHITES (from one egg) **make sure there is NO YOLK otherwise this wont bubble) 🍬SUGAR (1 tbsp) 🍳-you can do this with JUST egg whites too but I like adding sugar cuz of the amazing benefits it has for your skin! more on that later 🍯WHISK your egg whites and sugar in a ceramic/metal bowl. DO NOT use plastic (it wont foam) .. you can use an electric mixer or whisk it by hand 💪🏾 ❄️Keep whisking until it changes from runny yellowish egg whites to a white thick bubbly foam 🌬Apply the foam to your entire face – you can use a brush to apply it or your CLEAN fingers 🙊Youll feel the bubbles tingling your skin! it kinda tickles and feels really cool! 💦Wash off after 10-15 mins 💥BOOM. TIGHT SKIN. TIGHT PORES. 💸Glycolic Bubble Mask to buy: $54 💵DIY this Glycolic Bubble Mask: Less than $4 😱WHY THIS WORKS:😱 SUGAR: natural form of glycolic acid -makes your skin younger looking and fresh because of cell turnover natural exfoliant (alpha hydroxy acids) -natural humectant = juices your skin up with moisture and traps it in EGG WHITES: high in protein so they help heal the skin and kill acne -helps wrinkles and make the skin appear firmer/tighter -the protein is a natural astringent so it tones your face and soaks up any excess oil and its a “preservative” -contain an enzyme called Lysozyme that helps to tighten and shrink pores -helps with skin elasticity 👇🏽Tag a friend you'd do this with👯 👍🏾like this vid and share the love! ❤ Disclaimer: Test patch 1st!

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Pori-pori yang mengecil akan membuat make up-mu menempel sempurna. Serta, kulit yang kencang akan membuat make up-mu terlihat semakin glowing. Kamu bisa mencoba masker putih telur ini untuk mendapatkan kulit yang sehat dan kencang, sekaligus mempersiapkannya untuk make up-mu nanti agar hasilnya semakin sempurna.

3) Light underarms

🙋🏾HOW TO LIGHTEN DARK UNDERARMS!🌔 🌚It happens. Here’s how to prevent/treat it and get fresh glowing pits!🌝 🔑MAJOR KEY! STOP SHAVING! esp if u are brown! brown skin hyper-pigments easily when it is damaged and shaving irritates/damages skin! WAX/THREAD/LASER instead! 🕊Use this detox and bleaching/brightening underarm mask to lighten up any dark pigmentation ALL YOU NEED: ✅HONEY – 1TBS (measurements dont really matter- you can make more or less of this if you want. Store extras in the fridge -make sure no one eats it) ✅ACTIVATED CHARCOAL – I used the powder of 3 pills ^^^MIX TOGETHER^^^ 🎣APPLY TO CLEAN AND DRY UNDERARM ⏳LEAVE ON FOR 20 MINS SO IT CAN WORK ITS MAGIC- u can relax your arms. Don't need to keep them up like a 🐒 🚿WIPE OFF WITH WARM WASHCLOTH ORRRR IN THE SHOWER 👌🏾DO THIS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN TO GET THE BEST RESULTS! 😱WHY THIS WORKS!!😱 🤓Honey is a natural bleaching agent. It releases hydrogen peroxide (bleach) which will lighten the darkness 🤓Honey is also a great anti-bacterial and moisturizer (dry skin can give the illusion of uneven skin so itll help moisturize it) 🤓Activated Charcoal is a detox – so it cleans/pulls out all the impurities/toxins and nasties from the underarm leaving you smelling FRESH – if natural deodorants dont work for you, try this mask and THEN switch to a natural deodorant and youll be so fresh and so clean SHARING IS CARING + GIVE THIS VIDEO A LIKE! Help a sistaaa outttt ☺️☺️ Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone's skin is different, so result can vary from person to person. I can not vouch for any substitute ingredients. This post is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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Bagian ini, jangan sampai terlewatkan, karena memiliki pengaruh yang signifikan pada keseluruhan penampilan. Jangan sampai ketiak yang menghitam men-distract penampilan cantikmu. Campuran madu dan karbon aktif, adalah bahan natural yang mudah didapat untuk kamu melakukan perawatan ini di rumah. Karbon aktif biasanya dijual dalam bentuk pil atau kapsul di apotik.

4) Simply dramatic make up

Make up kali ini, memfokuskan pada bagian bibir dengan lipstick warna merah tua yang klasik. Bagian mata pun tetap terlihat natural hanya dengan sentuhan tambahan bulu mata yang dramatis.

5) Elegant (and super easy) ponytail

Acara spesial berdua ini, tentunya adalah saat yang tepat untuk tampil memukau bagi pasanganmu. Gaya rambut elegan ini bisa kamu lakukan sendiri dan tidak makan waktu yang lama. Hanya dengan beberapa langkah mudah, kamu pun siap untuk special date!

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