DIY Masker Buah ala Beauty Blogger

Tahukah kamu bahwa buah-buahan, selain enak dimakan dan baik buat kesehatan tubuhmu, mereka juga punya kegunaan yang luar biasa untuk kulit wajah, karena kandungan vitamin dan nutrisi alami. VAOT by VIP Plaza mengkompilasikan masker buah-buahan yang kamu bisa coba sendiri di rumah, dengan buah yang mudah didapat serta cara yang mudah.

Masker pepaya dan labu

🤗GLOWING SKIN PEEL🤗 is yo skin dull? dry? textured? peeling? acne? wrinkles? Like mine 😭😩 then dis is the one mask I use that does EVERYTHING. Dis FRUIT ENZYME PEEL is dope cuz it gently peels + reveal perfect looking skin! This mask will make yo skin look naturally airbrushed!! U NEED: ✅Pumpkin Puree – 1 cup ✅UNRIPE papaya (no seeds) – 1 cup ✅1 EGG store leftovers in fridge 🌪Blend until smooth +creamy..chunky = wasteful + hard to apply 🌝Apply to clean face -AVOID EYE AND LIP AREA! ⏰Leave on: 7-20 min-depends on your skin – this is an acid peel so it tingles and gets slightly warm 💦Wipe off with damp washcloth – I use microfibre 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS IF YOUR SKIN ISNT SENSITIVE 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE A MONTH IF YOUR SKIN IS SENSITIVE 😴*best to do dis before bed* Wake up with: GLOWING JUICY ACNE and DARK SPOT FREE skin. Itll be even, no discoloration, no dark spots + smoothen wrinkles, itll hydrate.. list GOES ON! *this will kill the acne seed and prevent it from getting any bigger, so the next day your acne will be flattened and cuz this is a peel itll make sure that acne doesnt scar or leave a dark mark. The redness and acne mark will take a day or two to go away. Nothing worth doing happens overnight (most of da time) WHY YOU NEED TO DO DIS: Pumpkin- full of B vitamins – niacin for treating acne, improve circulation, increase cell renewal to reveal beautiful skin, contains zinc which is IMPORTANT to maintain collagen (forever young skin) HIGH in antioxidants and vitamin C – amazing for fighting wrinkles + keep skin young, juicy + glowy Papaya- lightens dark spots +discoloration to give you even skin tone, high in vitamin A -heals dry skin, makes aging skin look young contains an enzyme called PAPAIN-KEY to lightening skin (discoloration) anti aging and exfoliating – also stops facial hair growth, repairs damaged skin Egg- binding agent, softens skin, helps with pores and oiliness Avoid sun exposure after doing this. 1 TIME ENZYME PEEL AT SPA: $115+ BUY THIS MASK FROM A COMPANY: $35+ DIY PEEL COST: $9 with MULTI time use. Save dem dolla dolla billz yall. ❤️Sharing is caring tag a friend in need 👇🏽 + like dis vid fam! Disclaimer: always test patch 1st.

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Pada masker yang dibuat Farah Dhukai ini, terdapat banyak vitamin yang bisa membuat kulit kamu jadi glowy, cerah dan kencang. Labu parang mengandung vitamin B untuk mempercepat regenerasi sel-sel kulit, serta zat besi untuk memelihara kolagen sehingga kulit selalu tampak muda. Sementara pepaya mengkal mengandung enzim papain yang mencerahkan bintik hitam, sekaligus anti aging. Perpaduan nutrisi yang tepat untuk masalah kulit kusam. Namun perhatikan aturan memakai masker ini. Farah Dhukai menganjurkan agar kulit tidak terpapar sinar matahari setelah memakai masker ini, karena masker ini juga memiliki fungsi peeling.

Masker strawberry dan lemon

Kulit wajah yang berjerawat, tentunya tidak sehat dan bikin penampilan jadi terganggu. Kamu bisa kok mengatasi masalah jerawat di wajahmu dengan menggunakan buah-buahan sebagai sumber nutrisi alami. Masker strawberry dan lemon, membantu menghilangkan jerawat dan mengatasi masalah kulit  berjerawat lain. Strawberry adalah sumber asam salycil alami. Asam salycil adalah kandungan yang juga dipakai oleh produk-produk kosmetik penghilang jerawat yang dijual di pasaran. Namun, tentunya jauh lebih baik kandungan natural. Untuk melengkapi nutrisi masker ini, kandungan vitamin C pada lemon akan mengecilkan pori-pori, dan madu akan berfungsi sebagai anti bakteri dan mengurangi peradangan jerawat dan melembabkan kulit.

Masker alpukat

HYDRATING Mask for OILY Skin In the 'Head to Toe Skincare tips for Fall' YouTube video, I promised a few DIY hydrating masks, here's the first one: INGREDIENTS: 1 quarter avocado 1 egg white 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice WHY THIS WORKS: Avocado treats dry skin and in most cases, the oily skin (on top) is actually dehydrated skin (underneath), so this hydration boost will help normalize the sebum secretion. The egg white will help tighten and close up large pores, which in turn will help control the oil as well. The lime juice will also help tighten the pores, plus reduce bacteria and reduce dead skin. And remember: Hydrating means fighting the signs of aging. Disclaimer: Always test out any product on a small patch of skin, to see if you're allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone is different so results will vary from person to person. And before anybody says this was a waste of avo, remember – we used very a little of it and taking good care of our skin is NEVER a waste!! Give this vid a like👍🏻 and tag a friend who would love to keep skin healthy and hydrated. Moisturized w the Activating Night Cream from @charlottelacroix Music🎶: FFYL (Tarro Remix) (link in bio) _______________________________________ #beautytips#beautyblogger#ocblogger#bblogger#honey#lavender#DIYtuts#hudabeauty#ghalichiglam#liveglam#laurag_143#brian_champagne#vegas_nay#makevideoss#glamvids#fashionarttut#fakeupfix#glam#diyremedies#naturalbeauty

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Kulit wajah yang berminyak, tentunya juga perlu dilembabkan. Alpukat adalah buah yang cocok untuk melembabkan kulit berminyak, karena alpukat akan menormalisasi produksi minyak pada kulit wajah. Putih telur, komposisi pelengkap masker ini juga membantu mengecilkan pori-pori, sehingga berpengaruh juga untuk mengurangi produksi minyak. Selain itu, menghidrasi atau melembabkan kulit juga berarti melawan penuaan, karena kulit yang sehat dan ternutrisi tentunya akan terlihat muda dan segar.

Masker tomat

Mencerahkan kulit sekaligus mengecilkan pori-pori dan menghilangkan jerawat, manfaat ini bisa kamu temukan pada masker tomat. Kamu hanya butuh dua mahan sederhana, yaitu madu dan tomat. Panaskan tomat menggunakan microwave agar mudah dikupas, lalu campur dengan madu lalu kenakan sebagai masker selama 20 hingga 30 menit. Vitamin A, C serta kandungan antioksidan pada tomat akan segera terasa pada kulit wajahmu.

Masker kiwi

DIY KiWi, Egg Yolk, And Olive Oil Mask For 💫GLOWING SKIN 💫 INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, half of a Kiwi, 1 Egg Yolk. —— 1️⃣Wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup, and dry it completely. 2️⃣Take a bowl and mix everything together as shown in the video. 3️⃣Apply the mixture on your face. Leave it on for 10-15 mins. This mask has a slight cooling effect. 5️⃣Wash your face with warm water using a face wash and pat down gently with a towel. 6️⃣Apply a moisturizer. I LOVE using Almond oil, and sometimes I even mix it in with a lotion moisturizer. Butttt use whatever moisturizer you prefer 😊 —— ⚠️Before applying the mask to your face, first test it on your inner arm where you skin is more sensitive, to help ensure you can tolerate the ingredients. —— ‼️Why It Works‼️ 💫KiWi has higher concentration of vitamin C than even an orange and it has alpha hydroxy acids that are great for maintaining elasticity in the skin. 💫EGG YOLK locks moisture into your skin cells, leaving your face soft and supple. The nutrients in egg yolks work to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize dull skin. 💫EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL aka "Liquid Gold" contains vitamin E which helps restore skin smoothness, keeps it supple, and glowing. —— Do you use olive oil in your skin care routine❓ What tips or suggestions do you have❓Please share with me in the comments❤️ —— SNAPCHAT👻 ALLURE_7 ——

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Untuk kulit sehat dan glowing, yang kamu butuhkan adalah masker kiwi. Buah kiwi memiliki tingkat konsentrasi vitamin C yang sangat tinggi, bahkan jauh lebih tinggi daripada jeruk, serta alpha hydroxy acid yang ampuh untuk mnjaga elastisitas kulit. Kandungan pelengkap pada masker ini, kuning telur dan extra virgin olive oil, memberikan kelembaban yang diperlukan kulit untuk membuatnya glowing.

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