5 DIY Beauty Tutorial ini Gampang Banget Buat Dicoba!

Kulit wajah, bisa menjadi kusam dan sensitif karena seringnya penggunaan make up berbahan kimia, paparan polusi dan sinar matahari. Untuk me-refresh kulit wajah, kamu bisa coba beauty teatment dari DIY beauty blogger yang viral lewat Instagram ini.

Bahan-bahan alami yang mudah didapat dan tutorial yang mudah diikuti, pasti nggak akan bikin kamu malas merawat wajah lagi!


😷HEAL SCARS, FADE DARK SPOTS + DARK CIRCLES! 😤my skin has been looking ROUGH asf..dark circles + hella dry skin once the szn starts changing. NOT ONLY that i have burn marks on my face from a DIY GONE WRONG. yes. DIYS can go wrong-just cuz sumthing is natural doesnt mean its meant for your face🐸☕️ sum DIYS look cool + go viral on the gram, but there are dangers associated with them + im living proof as to y u should do a test patch 1st + y u shud educate urself on whats best for YOU #knowledgeispower. COOL doesn't always = safe. I kno sum1 will ask – why do I do so many diff diys? cuz I love them, theyre a part of me. I grew up with them and I love giving you guys options. 😌Skincare isn't a 1 hit wonder kinda thing. Ppl have diff skin and diff stuff works for diff ppl so I like to provide as much info as I can. If I can help 1 person with a diy you have no idea how much joy it gives me 🤓ANYWAYS – i have very sensitive skin and it burns/gets aggrivated easily so when i do have a fail THIS is what i use to help fade dark marks left behind and heal the mess. All you need is: 🌵CACTUS – it's spiky + rough on the outside but this is where inner beauty shines + why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover 🤓 (the prickly pear edible cactus not one you find in a desert) Cut it in half and scrape the inside – it's sticky Apply sticky cactus juice to ur clean skin Rub it in + let it dry completely Wash off in morning WHY YOU NEED CACTUS IN YOUR LIFE: -gives INSTANT hydration-hydrated skin = wrinkle free skin – if you love aloe vera then this is aloe on steroids -absorbs quickly and non greasy -for ALL SKINTYPES – even sensitive! its soothing and calms inflammation -tightens pores from essential fatty acids -high in VITAMIN K which will brighten skin, lighten dark spots and dark circles – this will lighten the darkness more than anything youve ever tried!!! -prevents wrinkles – makes your skin plump, increases cell renewal (which is why my scars and spots went away so fast) -doesnt clog pores (shoutout to the linoleic and oleic acid for that) -contains super antioxidants which make it anti-aging Disclaimer: Test patch first. Sharing is caring fam 👍🏾❤️

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Natural diy ini, menggunakan bahan yang tidak lazim digunakan sebagai bahan dasar face treatment, kaktus. Menurut Farah Dhukai, kaktus memiliki khasiat sejenis aloe vera tapi dengan intensitas yang berkali-kali lipat lebih tinggi. Kamu bisa tiru caranya Dhukai membelah kaktus menjadi dua dan mengoleskan bagian dalamnya yang lengket ke wajah kamu, untuk menghilangkan luka karena iritasi, jerawat, serta flek dan noda hitam di wajah.


1 INGREDIENT TO: -STOP HAIR BREAKAGE, THICKEN HAIR -GET RID OF DRY SKIN, DARK SPOTS, ACNE AND GET THE BEST SKIN EVER👏🏾 💇🏽💇🏾‍♂️Does your hair break so much that youre considering cutting it all off? Is your skin so dry and flakey and/or do you have dark spots/acne/aging skin🐫 THEN this 1 ingredient is for YOU and its SUPER EASY TO GET AND ITS SO CHEAP!!! ❄️Once the season starts changing my skin gets super dry and the cold, dry air makes my hair weaker and break easily, SO every year around this time THISSSS is my FAV! I have been using this in the winter for 4+ years now and believe me when i tell you this – its dope. ALL YOU NEED: ✅100% carrot juice – make your own or buy it (make sure its 100% pure) – COST = $5. I get 3 uses out of my bottle (so $1.60 per use) ✅cotton sheet mask – pack of 50 from amazon – COST = $5 (10 cents per mask) TOTAL COST FOR HAIR AND SKIN = $1.70 – WIN. yay for math🤓 Fill a spray bottle with the carrot juice apply it all over your hair and scalp 🐰soak the cotton sheet mask in the juice apply to your face ⏰Leave on for 20 min Do this 1-2 times per week *if you have lighter hair that is very porous do a test patch first to make sure the carrot doesnt stain your hair, same thing goes if you have very fair skin. always do a test patch no matter what! 🐰WHY RABBITS LIKE CARROT SO MUCH AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO: -JAM PACKED with vitamins A,K,C and B VITAMINS- INCREDIBLE for hair thickness, hair STRENGTH and SHINE and hair LIFE! makes your hair smooth and healthy- great for damaged hair -Vitamins A and K are great for aging skin and Vitamin C brightens dark spots, dark circles, uneven skin+pigmentation. -Anti-inflammitory so it soothes/prevents/gets rid of acne! -If you really want your hair and skin to be the best its ever looked – i challenge you to drink 1 glass of carrot juice PER day and after 1 month, youll notice a HUGE difference. If you do this challenge, youll also have the strongest nails on the block 👇🏽Tag a friend who could use this and 👍🏾like this video for more cheap and easy ways to take care of your hair and skin! ❤️ILUFAM Disclaimer: always do a test patch 1st

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Wortel adalah sumber vitamin A, C, K dan B alami yang sangat berkhasiat untuk menebalkan dan memperkuat rambut. Serta untuk kulit, wortel berkhasiat untuk mencerahkan flek dan noda hitam. Kamu cuma perlu membuat jus wortel murni, tempatkan dalam botol semprot untuk mengaplikasikannya ke rambut dari akar hingga ke batangnya. Untuk masker, rendam sheet mask dalam jus wortel lalu kenakan pada wajah selama 20 menit. Kamu bisa menggunakan jus wortel ini satu hingga dua kali dalam satu minggu.

Lemon+Coffee Scrub

🍋🍋☕️🍯Lemon , Honey & Coffee scrub/ mask for puffy eyes , oily skin and scarring to reveal healthy , glowing skin ! 🍯☕️🍋🍋 1.Mix 1 tspn of lemon juice with 1 tspn of honey and 1 tspn of coffee ( coffee grounds are preferable ) 2.Dip half the lemon into the mixture and apply it all over your face in circular motions to stimulate blood flow . 3. Let the scrub sit on your face for at least 20 minutes until it's dry . Wash it off and pat dry. 4. You can do this 3x a week 🍯Why Honey? – Honey is a natural humatectant which helps hydrate the skin and seal in its natural moisture . It also acts as an anti bacterial agent to reduce inflammation ☕️ Why Coffee? -The caffeine in coffee helps to stimulate blood circulation to reduce puffiness . The grains act as a natural exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells 🍋Why Lemon? – Lemon juice ( rich in Vitamin C) with its mild acidic and bleaching properties help lighten acne scars and spots . It also has anti bacterial properties.

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Scrub ini bisa memancarkan cerah alami kulitmu, tanpa bahan kimia berbahaya. Campur hingga rata, air perasan lemon, madu dan bubuk kopi masing-masing satu sendok teh. Gunakan paruhan lemon sebagai scrubber untuk mengaplikasikan campuran ke wajahmu. Bubuk kopi akan mengeksfoliasi, dan kandungan kafein akan memperlancar sirkulasi darah untuk mengurangi kantung mata. Madu, akan melembabkan kulit, serta lemon yang kaya vitamin C mencerahkan noda bekas jerawat. Kombinasi sempurna untuk kulit wajah sempurna.

Tepung Beras

🌘LIGHTEN DARK SPOTS AND UNEVEN SKIN!🌔 All you need: 🍚Rice Flour 🍼Milk 🍦Mix these two ingredients into a paste 🌝Apply to CLEAN skin 🌬Let dry COMPLETELY 💦Wash off in circular motions to exfoliate your skin 💘WHY YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! ✅RICE FLOUR has been an asian skin lightening secret foreeeverrrr.. which is why you see it used in a lot of high end asian skincare. It has been a beauty secret of the Geishas (known for their porcelain skin among other things) for many years! It is high in powerful antioxidants that boost skins collagen production, as well as act as a sunscreen. ✅Rice flour contains Ferulic acid, which is an antioxidant and Allantoin which soothes the skin and promotes the skin to repair itself ✅MILK – contains lactic acid which nourishes, hydrates and exfoliates the skin ‼️DO THIS ONCE A WEEK AND YOULL NOTICE BRIGHTER SKIN AND YOUR DARK SPOTS FADE WITHIN A MONTH!‼️ *this will not lighten your skin and make you a different shade, it will JUST lighten darker spots/patches left on your face from acne or uneven skin* Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone's skin is different, so result can vary from person to person. I can not vouch for any substitute ingredients. This post is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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Campuran tepung beras dan susu, adalah ramuan eksfoliasi yang dipakai oleh para geisha untuk rahasia kulit mulus mereka, menurut Farah Dhukai. Gunakan seminggu sekali untuk meratakan warna kulit dan menghilangkan flek hitam di wajah.


🍉DIY FOR DRY/DEHYDRATED SKIN. GLOW FACE MASK 🍉 ____________________________________________ I hope ya'll know that watermelon is 93% water. Its one of the best things you can apply on your face. With the winter coming (there is no winter in Dubai,no never) alot of you might go through dry patches and dull looking skin. Fight it with Watermelon!! ____________________________________________ WATERMELON WHY? Its a combination of many vitamins high specifically in A and B6. it will hydrate your skin to the max and combat aging! People who are prone to acne can use watermelon to soothe their skin too! BONUS? Its smells YUMMY! ____________________________________________ Follow me for more 😘 SNAPCHAT – Kaurvanity ____________________________________________ #allmodernmakeup #wakeupandmakeup #shophudabeauty #diy #fashionarttut #diy #laurag_143 #howto #love #makegirlz #londonblogger #indianblogger #sikh #videosfashions #skincare #tbt #face #diy.remedies #maquillajesvideos #hudabeautyrosegoldpalette #makeupclips #dubaiblogger #peachyqueenblog #makeupvideos @kerrycole15 @hairmakeupdiary @lovetutorialsx #makeupclips @allmodernmakeup @fashionarttut @style.video #makeuptutorialsx0x

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Semangka yang memiliki kandungan 93% air, sangat cocok untuk perawatan wajahyang memiliki masalah kulit kering dan kusam. Karena semangka juga tinggi akan kandungan vitamin A dan B6, maka masker ini akan meredam jerawat, melembabkan kulitmu, dan melawan penuaan.

Dengan bahan-bahan yang mudah didapat dan metode yang bisa kamu lakukan sendiri di rumah, perawatan wajah pun jadi semakin mudah dilakukan. Kamu juga bisa menghemat budget, dan kulit wajahmu tetap glowing!

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